Friday, 11/14/03, Pugsley and I went to the 2003 Tampa Autoshow and met up with Eric, Jim, Andy, Jeff, Justin, Charlie, and a new Scott (Silver02S2k).  Scott and Tina were also there.

It took forever for everyone to show up. I waited at the entrance for everyone since I had some free tickets to use that Lisa and I got, as well as some the Andy got. So, we all were able to get in for free for the most part.  The Elise and the 2004 S2000 were the highlights. Most of us hadn’t seen the 04 S2K yet, so it was nice to finally have the chance. The only thing I like on it are the new taillights, otherwise, I like the pre 04 cars better.  But, that’s just me : )  I do want to see a Rio Yellow one though. 

After the autoshow, most of us went to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor. Eric wasn’t sure how to get to Ybor from the show, so I decided to ride with him. We left the auto show and went out to find Eric’s car, but he lost it, so we had to walk around downtown for a bit before coming across his Prelude, then it was on to Ybor for some pizza, hamburgers, cheese dip, and beer! No major stories from dinner, just Jimmy doing shots of the leftover melted cheese. 

The night was still young, so, after dinner we were still looking for something to do. It was a guy’s night out, so, we decided on Déjà Vu. Scott had to leave after dinner and Eric didn’t go with us. 

On our way to the strip club, I got a call from one of the guys that left earlier. He had gotten pulled over for “aggressive driving”.  No ticket though, which was good!

Well, we got to the Vu and found out it was $20 to get in! Doh!  I had to loan Justin some money (hey Dude, you still owe me $20!). After forking over the cash to get in, we were broke. Jimmy had to go to the cash machine inside to get more money so he could enjoy his stay at The Vu. The girls made their usual rounds looking for suckers for lap dances. One of the girls came up to Jimmy and was tickling him and rubbing his head. Pugsley and I were sitting behind him and it was so funny.  She kept telling him how he smelled like a donut.  Over and over, “You smell like a big donut.”  So, Jimmy is now Donut Boy! 

After we got our fill of naked chicks, it was time to leave.  We had the four S2Ks going down Rt. 60 in Brandon, about 1am or so. We rolled up to a police roadblock for a sobriety checkpoint.  They were pulling what looked like every 4th or 5th car off the road into a parking lot.  The lot had a driving course set up to test reflexes, and also an area where they got you out of the car to do the alcohol tests on the driver. We hadn’t had any beer for awhile, since the strip club we went to didn’t serve, so we weren’t too worried other than the hassle.  I was riding with Pugsley and we got up to the cops with who were counting cars and pulling them off the road. It looked like he was going to stop us, but the one cop looked over at the other and they let us go and we avoided the checkpoint. I think it was because they saw the four S2Ks together and just let our group go. Pretty cool, as most of the time cops like to give owners of sports cars a hard time.

We had a good time.  It was great meeting you Scott, hope to see you again at future events!  Thanks everyone that participated!