A year has passed since most of us first met up at the Sunshine Skyway, so an anniversary meet was in order.  January 10, 2004, just one day short of our 1/11/03 meet. In 2003 we meet up and had a nice sunny day, but it was very cold and windy. Fast forward to a year later in 2004, it was again cold and windy, but this time it was even colder and there was more wind, and to make it worse, there was no sun!

Quarters and I meet up with Troy a little early to secure enough parking spaces for all of us at the South Rest Stop. We had bought some cones and also borrowed some cones we found at the rest stop.  We blocked off about 20 spots, almost half the rest stop!   To be honest, I wasn't sure who was going to show up due to the winter hurricane we were having. Cars were slow to show up, then all of the sudden, we had the parking lot full of S2Ks!   Just when I thought we had as many cars as we could fit, in came about 10 350Z's from the Tampa Club that I had asked to join if they would like. It was pretty cool to see them all come in as a group, after meeting up in Brandon.  It must have been a fun drive to the Skyway for them.

By now we had the 10ish 350Zs and 25-27 S2000s, not to mention the Porsche and former owner with his jeep and two kayaks. We took over more than half the rest stop. About the time we were at our peak for cars in the lot, the rest stop area toilet area women saw are group.  She was very upset and mad, telling us we couldn't congregate at the rest area. She then proceeded to tell us she was going to call the police, which she did.   We were all so scared of her threat that we all went to our cars and put the tops down, took more photographs, and continued meeting. About 5 minutes later, a Florida State Highway Patrol car entered the rest area and drove up to our group very slowly.    He drove through the middle of our group, between the 350's and the S2000's, then gave a big and left!  Wow, that was a close one. The toilet monitor lady  really had us scared! 

We hung out at the rest stop for a bit more, then all headed over the the South Fishing Pier area for more photos and to try to escape the wind. It was slightly warmer over there, but still very chilly. We still had people showing up for the meet, an NSX, a couple more S2Ks, and Larry with his super charged Harley truck. We talked and took more photos, then decided we'd had enough of the cold and it was time to move on. The group from Sarasota headed back south to eat lunch and go to the Ferrari  show, as did the 350z group.

Us Tampa guys babied out of the Ferrari show and decided to go to the new hOOters at Channelside. Dave, Michelle, Charlie, Tara, Jim, Susan, Bill, Bobbie, Lisa, Andy, Jeff, and new people Jon with the red NSX and his wife Tasha, Ozzie with his Spa, and Kelly and Chrissy (also with a Spa) all went. On the way to Channelside, we saw a few NSX's going the opposite direction, towards the Skyway.  Man, just missed meeting up with those guys. They were running a bit late!

Anyway, thanks to all of you for showing up! The meet ended too quickly due to the cold and I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone like I wanted. To our credit, it was the largest meet in Florida not counting the Florida Super Meet. I think we raised the bar for all future meets in Florida, if only we could have had nice weather! We'll try again when it gets warmer, maybe late Feb. or March.

A couple special mentions before I end this....

Thanks to Troy and Larry for the gifts! Thanks for the hat loaner too Troy! It was even Spa colored!

Best mod and youngest S2K owner award goes to Sara (15 years old ) and her pink dice!

Longest from home to attend this meet, Birgit and her friend, both from Germany and own S2000s. They didn't have their cars, but had a PT Cruiser rental. 

Longest actual drive goes to Grant form the Naples area!

The most sad and depressed person was Justin (Pop^Top), since he just sold his S2K a month ago and missed it.

Jerry had the only Grand Prix White!

Andy had the only 2004 AND the only Rio Yellow!

I was a bit bummed since up until now, only two of us had Spa Yellows. I think we had like 5 or 6 at the meet this time! That's not counting Justin's yellow jeep!

Best non S2000 group has to go to the 350Zs.  Thanks for coming guys!

Fastest cars, but too slow to make it to the meet on time goes to the NSX guys.  I grabbed some of BadCarma's (David's) photos off the NSX forum. They get a special mention since they at least made the effort and got to enjoy the cold Skyway weather like the rest of us. Hope to see you guys next time!