Okay, I'm too lazy to do the big event recap.  I want to thank Rich and Steven for making the long trip up in the S2200.  Thanks to Jeff for letting us drive and break his car. Thanks to Dave (FLS2K) for the good smokes as usual.  Thanks to Quarters for the late night evening dart games at his house. Thanks to Scott, Troy, Eric, Steve, Andy, and Andy's bro Jeff for coming out.  Thanks to my neighbor KC for letting us check out his 350Z.

I didn't get to play pool, but I do see where Quarters is holding up four of his fingers (in a photo to the left), showing how many games in a row he lost. I'll play next time, as I am the reigning champ.

Sunday 3/16 Dave (FLS2K), Dave (Quarters), my neighbor with the 350Z (KC) drove up to Andy and Jeff's parents place near Brooksville.  Andy and Jeff's other brother (Chuck) was there also, he has a Z28. We met up with Jim (jvrabel) out there also, about a half hour after we arrived. Also there was a neighbor of Andy's parents, Billy, who showed us some very nice classic cars his family has. 

We hung out and looked at all the cars, did a drive (very fun), and ate pizza as usual. We hung out with some bulls and took some photos.  Once again, the rain held off all day, until we were on the highway driving home. So, the tops were down most of the day for the drive.  We even saw the sun later on!

I won't go into details on the drive up to Brooksville or the drive while in Brooksville. Let's just say it was exciting and I'm glad to be here to put these photos up!  Hey, we even avoided the cops! We had a different, fun collection of cars on our drive and looked like trouble heading down the road. 

That's it, hope I didn't forget anything or anyone!  As usual, I posted all the photos I took.  Click on the thumbnail and a larger photo will open up in this frame.