On Monday, 4/14/03, I met up with Jeff, Jim, and John at Z-Doc's in Tampa. John got the new Invidia Full SS exhaust system. It's "Full Stainless Steel. Dyno Proven. Robot TIG Welded. Fully Polishied Finish. Super N1 Design. Silencer Included. CNC Machined Flanges. Engineered To Produce Strong Mild To Top-End Power for Highly Responsive Feel," says m777erlin, who's selling these as a group buy on S2Ki.com

The install went very smoothly, no problems at all. The exhaust sounds great and John was very happy. I went for a ride in John's car after the work was done (with the help and good price at Z-Doc's, thanks Brent/Jeff). The sound was nice, smooth, and deep. I got in my car to go home and it was such a let down, too quiet. When I walked in the door I got on the net and had to order the exhaust for myself!  It'll be here on 4/21/03, I can't wait!