(Thanks Jim for the following write up!  We went from about 15 cars for the Boca trip, to a rained out hOOters drive with 5 cars. Hey, we had to get out and do something. Jim forgot to mention that when we walked into hOOters, one of the chicks came over to our table and said, "Did you guys rent those car for the day?" We told he that they were our cars and she said, "Each of you owns one of those cars!?"  You just can't beat hOOters chicks.

As a bonus, I've attached photos of our beater car we got this weekend. Check out our Kia Rio!  Don't you all be jealous now...)

Hello all. Jvrabel, your man in the know reporting. On a rainy and nasty day, someone had the bright idea to take the cars out for a drive. It'll clear up, right. Well, not exactly.

Since our Boca Grande trip got cancelled due to rain, Susan and I traveled across the pond to meet the group in Ybor City. Funny, there was no one to meet. No one was there when we arrived. I did secure 3 lovely spots right in front of a hobo passed out on the sidewalk though. Why do we come down here anyway? Oh yeah, for the cigars.

Tidal and FLS2K joined shortly and parked behind us. When Tidal pulled into the parallel parking spot, I heard something no driver wants to hear... ssscrraappe. Needless to say, he needs to go back to driving school. Minor paint damage to the front spoiler, but it did look nasty. Dave, never has good luck in Ybor. I was just glad he didn't rear end me pulling into the spot. He would try to "rear-end" me for the rest of the day.

Tidal got a call from PopTop who said he was on his way. We waited in the pouring rain for him, finding a spot on the other side of the street. Then, we walked for about a mile to look a cigars. Why did we park where we did again? Oh yeah, we were supposed to go to King Corona but someone got the bright idea to go to the other cigar store 10 blocks down. The must have better "turds" there?

We decided that we needed food and beer so we stopped at the Green Iguana. Decent food, nice drafts and John Popper was singing right behind Tidal's head. Man, that guy sucked! I wanted to beat him with his guitar.

Finally, Quarters decided to show up. He saw beer and couldn't wait to get started. He then became jealous of our stacked cups and wanted to be cool like the rest of the group. More beer please. What time is it anyway?

Since Tidal was obsessed about his driving mishap, we needed to find some touch-up paint. Tampa Hondaland was the only place close with a bottle of spa. We decided to travel over there the long way. The exit onto I-4 was blocked so we made a detour through the crack neighborhoods of Tampa. Tidal wanted to stop since he saw a guy sitting on his porch sippin' a forty of Nattie Light. Sorry Dave, we must press on.

Finally, we rolled into Tampa Hondaland five S's strong. All the salesmen had their noses pressed up against the dealership's windows. They had a boatload of S's (2 black, 1 suzuka, and 1 white). I didn't ask prices. We decided to try to get a shot with the white (with bad pin striping and a mangled front bumper) and our group. I'm sure the dealership was happy about 5 S2Ks driving in close formation around they're new cars. Oh well, deal with it.

From there, it was only a short drive to Hooters with Quarters in the lead. Note to self: never let Quarters lead again. I'm pretty sure he forgot that there were 4 other cars following him. He was weaving in and out of traffic like he was at Indy. Great to do on your own, not so easy to do in a group. Tidal made a valiant effort to keep up with him but got snaked at a red light and had to make a right from the far left lane. HA!

Somehow, we arrived alive at Hooters for some truly great news. 23 oz. drafts for $1.75 and buy 10 wings, get 10 free. SWEET!! I think we tore though 40 wings in under 2 minutes. I wish the Guinness Book of World Records people were there. They disappeared fast. More beer and wings please. What time is it anyway?

PopTop's friend and jcarlton showed up just in time for the beer and wings. Jeff looking dazed from his recent accident. Hope you feel better bud. After what seemed like a long time and many boob/ass photos later, we made enough of a scene and it was time to go. Justin had his beer voice going on and wanted everyone to come to his house. He lost his battle and when home with his friend. Posting about his loneliness later on the boards.

FLS2K and I got tired of waiting for the slow pokes and snuck out early. Making our way back to Tidals for pizza and (what else?) beer! Quarters and Tidal mush have been hitting 100 mph on I-75 because the caught up to us by Tidal's house.

Tidal's wife Lisa looked like a deer caught in the headlights seeing four drunks charging towards her. Quarters made some excuse that he had to leave but that he'd be back. Funny, we never saw him again.

Tidal, Lisa, FLS2K, Susan and I hung out for the rest of the night and watched an educational movie. We won't go there. Needless to say, it was entertaining.

Thanks to all who came out with your babies in the rain. A good and drunken time was had by all.