FLS2K and myself were going to go for pizza and a drive on 3/9/03, and at the last minute, decided to invite anyone else who may want to attend. Surprisingly we got 5 other cars set to join us, but at the last minute, two backed out. We still had 5 cars and 9 people for the trip.

FLS2K (Dave and Michelle)

XconZ (Eric)

JVrabel (Jim and Susan)

jcarlton (Jeff and Teresa)

Tidalwdave (Dave and Lisa)

We met up just off I-275 and then headed up to Brooksville on some nice hilly curvy roads (at least for Florida). The traffic wasn't too bad, but it's only a two lane road with hills and curves. We had to do a lot of passing of slower cars.  Eric almost had a mishap with a Sebring while passing a slower car. But, in the end, we all made it to Mykonos II for lunch and ordered 4 large pizzas for the 9 of us. It was a lot of pizza, but we ate most of it and took the leftovers home.

After lunch we drove up to a state park for some photos. We moved quickly since the wind was picking up and it was getting cloudy. After a couple locations, the rain started, but it was very light, still enough to put the tops up and drive us out of the park. Jeff had to leave the park earlier than us to take his wife home to get some work done, so, the four of us made the trip back.

We headed back home, the rain stopped and the tops went back down. We took the curvy road back, it was pretty fun, the roads weren't went and traffic wasn't bad. Along the way we pulled over and decided to go back to my place to shoot some pool, since it's well known that I'm the man to beat.

We got to my house and I also called Quarters up (Dave) to come over for a couple games of pool and a few beers. As usual, I think I beat everyone at least once. Eric is a pool shark though, so watch out. FLS2K (Dave) brought out some cigars, so we had smoke out on the lanai. Then, it was time for the group photo.  We pulled five cars up in my yard for several shots. Just as we got done taking the pictures a light rain started to fall, so we headed back under the lanai for more pool shooting.

After the group left, FLS2K stayed behind so that I could school him in darts. He was amazed that I could beat him in pool and darts!  He did beat my wife though : )

Thanks for a fun day guys!  Thanks for the tire trails in my yard for the reminder!