Saturday, July 12, 2003 was the Tampa Bay Area Dyno Day at Race Related, put together by Scott.  Hey Scott, do you want to do the write up for this in more detail? 

The following people did the dyno runs:

-Tidalwdave (Dave)
-atraenk (Andy)
-JustBlaze (Steve)
-Venom (Larry) with his Harley truck
-njtripface's (John) friend with RSX, forgot his name

And last minute hold outs, Jim and Troy!

After the runs, a group of us went to hOOters for lunch/dinner. There was a freak there that had a book full of hOOters trading cards. He ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and had them remake it since it wasn't up do his standards! This was a very weird person, even cleaned the large photo on the wall above his table!

Aftere that, Justin and I relaxed at a cigar bar.  Good time!