Welcome to the Super Meet photos! I'll be your guest speaker for this evening, jvrabel! We traveled up to Fantasy of Flight for the last day of the S2000/NSX Super Meet. In the caravan was your truly and an assorted cast of characters (I said ass) including tidalwdave (Tidal), quarters (Dave), jcarlton (Jeff), August, justblaze (Steve), scottl, and poptop (Justin). This was my first meeting with poptop. Nice to have you along Justin!

We set out on our way, but not before Tidal and the crew got caught behind an 18 wheeler. I didn't have a problem but they couldn't get there ass in gear. Actually, they got smoked by a Volvo first (but we won't go there).

After what seemed like forever waiting for the pansies, we were all on the road together. We made up for lost time though. Tidal was out in front, but not for long. August decided he would pass quarters. Of course, Stock was having none of it and cut him off using the "2-lane no passing" rule. This, as we all know has no place in a 6-lane interstate environment. After that, I knew all bets were off.

For this moment on, it was basically a free-for-all. Later I would tell August that this was definitely NOT the way to drive in a group! But I can honestly say, I've never had more fun. Not to mention all the people we pissed off! I do think we scared Justin and August. Not a good way to make a first impression!! Honestly guys, we don't always drive like we're at the go-kart track!

We had to stop for slacker Dave (FLS2K) in Plant City. Being that I and half the group had our head up our ass, no one saw the cop sitting at the light when we decided to kick the rear out making a U-turn. Everyone in the back of the pack saw him, but decided to keep it to themselves. The cop pretty much could have wasted us all if he wanted to but no trouble was given.

We eventually arrived (in one piece) at Fantasy of Flight. We were the first group there and parked out on the tarmac. Love bugs everywhere! I think Tidal got some good close ups of splattered bugs. For what reason, I have no idea. We all commenced to cleaning. Bunch of anal bastards!!

As others started pouring in, the names and cars all started to become a wash for me. Too many people, too many names to remember. The one thing I can say was that EVERYONE I met was nice. Great group of guys and gals. We ended up with what I counted as 28 S2000s! We did have about 8 NSXs but some of the guys left early (even before the pixs). It turned out to be a huge showing for the S2000s.

We took some group photos and Tidal tried to grope me. He was unsupervised today so he was on the prowl. Wei-Shen was a great host and had his hands full with this crazy group. We adjourned inside for a nice catered lunch in a special room they had set up for us. Being as we are, we all sat together and were completely anti-social. The group didn't even care about me, one of their own! I went to wash my hands, I come back and they're all eating and the line for food is out they door. Thanks guys!!

After lunch, Tidal gave rides in his car so everyone can hear his loud-ass exhaust. I like how it backfired going out of the lot. Real classy! As we were leaving, I called John (njtripface) to see how he was doing. As you all know, John had a little "incident" (as we say in the airline biz) on the morning's drive. John's OK and that's all that really matters. He said he was just passing FoF with the car on the flatbed. I was anxious to possibly catch up with him on the highway. We never did though.

The ride back was a little more subdue. I think the afternoon sun was getting to all of us. Some great photo ops on the way back though. The only way that an S is more fun to drive is when you're surrounded by S2Ks. I live for that! I also live to take action shots! Enjoy them. I just wish Tidal would stop getting in the way of my photo ops!!! We blasted around an NSX that left the meet like 20 minutes before us (don't do the math. Yes, we were going fast).

I think everyone had a great time. Enjoy the photos!

Edit by Tidal:....

Just to let you guys know how the ending of the day came.  I pulled off I-75 into Brandon.  I went past a G35 coupe and let him have a blast of the exhaust as I went by.  He must have liked it.  He and I went in and out of traffic to get side by side.  We finally cleared the traffic and got up to a stop light, side by side....He and I exchanged how much we liked each other's cars, he really loved the Invidia and wanted to know if they made it for his car. As far as I know, they don't.  But, that's not what the story is about.  We were all hooked up to race, looked in the rear view and saw a cop behind us, about two cars back : (  That blows!  I was ready for some fun!  The guy in the coupe was going to get an S2K, but he said he needed a back seat.  Too bad, he could have hung out with us if he had the s2k.

I had a great time.... Thanks to Keith, Nick, and Wei-Shen and Chinmotorsports!  Wei-Shen's photos can be seen by clicking here.

Thanks guys and thanks Jim for the write up!  It helped me post these photos quicker than I normally could!