Well, Friday, 4/11/03, Dave and I decided to skip work and join Jim on a day off. The day started off cold so Dave and I drive most of the way to meet up with Jim with the tops up. On the way I spoke to Jim, he informed me his car was dirty, I ordered him to clean it quickly or we'd turn around and go home. We met him at the car wash and by this time all had out tops down.

We started our day of fun by going to a classic auto dealer. We didn't get any pictures, but the car there were very nice, they had old Trans Ams, Mustangs, Cameros, a Ferrari, Prowler, old Chevys, GTO's, etc.  It was heaven.  We left and got back in our junky little cars : (

Now on to Clearwater beach, for a breakfast filled with pizza and beer. There is no better way to start the day. After getting our fill, we went back out to the cars, which we parked with the tops down. Inside the cars it was like a desert!  We had sand everywhere, thanks to a strong with blowing off the water. Not a pretty sight.

Breakfast was followed by a drive further down the coast to Indian Rocks Beach, where we stopped at a park to take photos. We drew the attention of the POLICE!  He drove into the lot and parked his car in front of ours. We weren't sure what the problem was at first, so we just went about our business of taking photos of the cars and waited for the cop to approach us.  It turns out, you can't park in the lot backwards, you have to go front in. He didn't give us tickets or really lecture us.  He asked what the cars were and walked around and checked them out.  His only comment about them was. "Those are nice, but they aren't American."  Doh!  What a Loser!  Anyway, after that, he left and so did we.

Next stop, my favorite beach dive bar, Sloppy Johns! Some of you were there when I demonstrated my pool skills a couple months back. I once again dominated the competition! I need to start hanging out with people who will challenge me. 

Well, by this time we were getting hungry, so we headed towards Tampa, next stop, The Pink Pony!  For those of you who don't know what The Pink Pony is, I suggest you check it out for yourselves.  It's in the Raymond James Stadium area if that gives you an idea of what this place is. We were good there and only went into the movie sales area, I have to keep my midget porn collection up to date for when all you guys come over or want to borrow a DVD!

 Channelside was the next place of business. I hadn't been there before, but Jim knows a guy with a wine shop there and we were told of stories with free wine tasting. Upon our arrival at the wine shop, we met Jim's friend, who offered no free tastings, so we left. We were on a quest for some beverage, so we went up to a bar that sites on the channel. Just our luck, it was happy hour with cheap Coronas! We quickly enjoyed our tasty beverage overlooking the water and then headed out to our next stop, Ybor City!

The drive to Ybor was eventful. We were driving around trying to find a place on the street where we could all park together. I was following Dave and Jim was behind me. I saw Dave pull over, so I quickly followed in behind him and was looking in my rear view mirror to see if Jim had room to park behind us. Long story short, Dave stopped too short and I ran into the back of his car with mine!  There was no damage to either car. Dave wasn't mad at me cause he's still talking to me! And, no, the beer we had didn't have anything to do with it. Those of you who know me know that my driving skills are nowhere near as great as my pool skills. I about get into accidents every time we go out! The lesson of this is, I cannot be in the lead because I always make a wrong turn or miss a turn. I can't follow because then I'll run into you.

We went to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company for dinner and more pool shooting.  Once again I...yes, you guessed it, demonstrated my mastery of the art of pool. I rolled off several more wins without even breaking a sweat.

After dinner and pool, Dave and I treated Jim to an evening filled with smoke. We went to a cigar bar and sat outside at a table to watch the hot chicks go buy and make fun of the other people. Dave and I are the cigar smokers, so Jim just hung out and enjoyed our company.

Finally at about 10pm, it was time to part ways and go home. It was a fun, long day, close to 12 hours. The day went by very fast though and we didn't have time to do all that we had planned. Hum, I'm feeling a part 2 coming up!?

Thanks guys!