On 4/5/03, Dave, Michelle, Lisa, and I went on a scouting trip to Ft. Desoto.  It was a nice sunny day with a blue sky for a change, no chance for rain! We got a slow start to the day and got at the park at close to 3pm.  On the way in we saw a girl in a Spa S2000 leaving the park, too bad she didn't turn around and join us : (  Once we got into the park, a silver S2000 came up and followed behind us, but ended up turning the opposite direction when we hit the next intersection, so we weren't able to talk to him.

We found several nice spots for a picnic/meet and photo ops.  The bad news is the weekend we are wanting to do the April TBA meet, there is a big AA group that will be there all weekend, close to 6,000 members.  The early afternoon should be good though on 4/26/03, so we are shooting for that date and meeting at pavilion #3, time to be announced soon.

After the scouting trip and us sweating like pigs, we went to Ybor for dinner. We met up at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company.  Everyone that said that they would show up did, except for the little girl named Quarters. He was too tired (boo-hoo).  At least the cool people were there.  We had myself, Lisa, Dave, Michelle, Jeff, Teresa, Eric, Andy, Jeff, and a newcomer to our group but not to beer, was pop top (Justin). He was are very nice guy, his room mate Dave also showed up.  At 10pm, Justin had to leave and go to work, that must have sucked.  Glad he could join us though. 

Afterwards, our group got smaller, so we went to a cigar bar and smoked up a few to end the night. On the way home, Lisa and I stopped off at a Chevy dealership that had a 2002 Spa on the lot.  It was in great shape, but they left it unlocked and sitting out in front!  I should have stolen it, that would have taught them a lesson!  Some loser probably traded it in on a Vette : (

Anyway, thanks to all of you for helping make Saturday a fun day!

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