May 30 and 31, 2004.  J's Birthday Bash!  J's b-day was Memorial Day weekend, so his wife Jennifer set up a boating event for six couples in The Gulf of Mexico.  It was only going to be a one day event, but after it got late in the evening on Sunday, most of us decided to stay the night on the boat and anchor just south of Boca Grande for the night. 

It was a great time, full of debauchery, just my kind of fun. After some of the pool parties we've had, this boat event, and Key West coming up, I'm going to need some time off.  Too much fun! The only bad part of the boating was that the motor mount was broken, so it took forever to get home Monday, coming back at 7 knots, took us over four hours to return the next day. We still had fun though, finished off the beer that morning and stopped for a swim in The Gulf, before returning to the dock and the long drive home.

Thanks for the invite, Lisa and I had a great time!  What are we going to do next year? : )