May 10, 2003 was the Sawgrass Flats Fan Appreciation Party, hosted by our friend Joser (Bill), his wife Bobbie, and the rest of the band.  Below is the email sent out from Joser after the big bash.

"Thanks to our new friends for helping us celebrate our Flatheads at the first Sawgrass Flats Fan Appreciation Party. The band had a fabulous time and hope that you did as well. We are glad you were able to join us and hope to see you again in the future."

But the he posted on the S2Ki site..., 


"Hey guys, thanks for coming to our first Fan Appreciation Party. We enjoyed doing it as much as the others enjoyed being there. I can't believe we drained three kegs. Must be our "new friends". 

Thanks for the kind words about the music. We work hard at it and do it for the fun of entertaining. Heck if we had to depend on the money we make I sure wouldn't be driving the S. And what about those crawfish? Awesome! And for those that couldn't make it - this was one party you should not have missed."


Okay, I can read between the lines most of the time, and this time I think he's saying that our little group was responsible for sucking down three kegs!  Whatever, I'm sure that we maybe had one cup per person for the duration of the event.  I'm sure that we weren't responsible for the rapid decline of the alcoholic beverage!

Anyway, our group was small for a change, consisting of myself, my wife Lisa, Dave and Michelle, Dave (Quarters), the three bros (Jeff, Andy, Chuck), and the late arrival as usual, Justin (Pop Top).

The music was really fun and very cool!  I'm looking forward to hearing the group again, and the wife wants to know if they have a CD!  It was some good toe tapping music.  As Quarters would say, "That's all kind of good!"  For once I'd have to agree with our slow witted friend.  It was an afternoon of great tunes.  If you missed it, well, you missed it and I feel sorry for you!

Besides the music, there was FREE BEER and FOOD!  Yeah, we went though the kegs like a mouth on a nipple!  We were on the waterway with a nice cool breeze, under some nice big trees, with more beer and food and tunes going on than we knew what to do with!  So, we drank all the beer, ate all the food, and listened to all the tunes!  I think our small group did clear the place out!

After the third round of crawfish, corn on the cob, and potatoes, we sent the chicks home (Michelle, Lisa, and Quarters).  Then it was a man fest, checking out the hotties, eating a fourth round of food, finishing off the last keg, boogieing  to the tunes....

As we found out, crawfish are very fun toys to play with after you are done sucking out their insides.  They make great finger puppets!  Also, they can be made to attract flies, tell a story, or any other warped story line you can dig up in your head!

We also invented a new game.  It's called, "Burn the hairs off the arm!"  Yes, the object of the game is to whip out your lighter, then start a flame under your neighbor's arm.  See if you can shrivel up the arm hair and make a funny smell!  There is nothing more fun than watching your buddy's arm go up in smoke!  I won't go into any more detail on that.  I don't want to see us all burning each other up!  Let's just say I'm the man, and the Porsche guys no longer have any arm hair! :-o

Finally, all good things must come to an end.  The beer, food, and cigars were gone, as was the music.  Huh? We shut the event down?  That's hard to believe...our group is usually in bed early!  Yeah, whatever....

Next, all of us (the TBA group) went to Poo' Boys for a late night dinner, since other four rounds of food earlier didn't fill us up!  Yeah, spicy chicken sandwiches, chunky French fries, and more beer was what the doctor ordered!  I was so stuffed, I couldn't even finish the meal!

After our late night dinner, we went to our usual weekend hangout, The Dubliner.  We had a few more beers and played some video golf.  For once, I think I lost!  There was also some bad, depressing news for our Porsche friends.  Their grandma passed away.  We give their grandma our best wishes, and also our wishes to Jeff, Andy, and Chuck.  It's hard to lose your grandma : (

Well, after I lost for once in a game, the evening was over.  We had a lot of fun.  Thanks for those in the TBA group that went with us.  Most of all, thanks for Joser for providing even more fun than I thought we'd have!  I think most of us are on the mailing list for the next concert, even if the food and beer isn't free, we'll be there!

Oh, sorry for the delay in posting the photos and story.  I had a commitment from Dave (FLS2K), that he'd do the write up this time.  Well, that didn't happen.  Normally I'd be ticked off, but Dave did proved all of the photos for this event, so I'll cut him some slack!

Next time Bro, I'm gonna open up a can of whipass on ya!

Thanks everyone for the fun time!