Sunday, 6/01/03 was the long awaited mod session. Chiung came over from Daytona to set us up with cleared corners. Quarters was nice enough to let us use his three car garage for the day.  We had several participate, each with a mod or two that needed to be done.

LondonRam (Guy) wanted to go with the JDM clears.  In addition, he had two S2000 badges he put on each side of his car, since he had taken them off in the past and wanted them back on.

Quarters was going with then naked corners also.

jvrabel (Jim) did an unintended mod, got a flat and put his donut on the rear. Also did another spur of the moment, painted his shift knob so that the numbers were red instead of black.

Pop^Top (Justin) liked Jim's knob (shift knob) so much he had to have one of his own. So, he painted his, as well as his calipers red.  He also went with the naked corners.

Scottl (Scott) stole his brother's (Hygiene Boy's) S2000 and brought it over to do the naked corners.  Troy (Hygiene Boy) was against this mod from the beginning, due to possible law violations with the cleared corners, but ended up doing it after research showed that it more than likely wasn't illegal.

XconZ (Eric) wanted to do the naked corners also.

2003Spa2000 (James) come over from Orlando, mostly to help out.  He ended up painting his calipers also, blue in color. 

Tidalwdave (Dave, me : ) wanted to do the USDM cleared corners, Muz xbrace, and 4IG CAI.

We were lucky to get a nice sunny day, starting at 8am with Quarters and LondonRam getting their cars tended to first, ending with my car's corners at 7pm.  It was pretty hot, but there was a nice breeze, plus, Quarters was generous enough to let us go through several cases of his soda!  Thanks Dude!

Eric had a guy show up in his 80 or  90 grand invested nitrous 'Vette.  This car was nice sounding, there is no better sound than a big American muscle car with great exhaust.  This guy gave four of the S2K guys rides, showing off the nitrous.  Everyone came back with their faces plastered to the back of their heads, sporting big smiles.  Yeah, it was fast, but that's a lot of money to put into a car, plus it isn't a ragtop!

There were only a few mishaps.  Quarters thought it would be safe to take of his bumper and put it in an elevated location, up on top of a tall box. Well, there was an accident and the front bumper fell off the box and onto the garage floor!  Doh!  It looked bad, all scratched up and black where there use to be red paint. Quarters was going good to hold in his anger, if that was my bumper, I would have freaked out!  Well, all but a small scratch ended up being waxed/buffed out. It looked almost as good as new, and much better than we thought it would. I thought for sure the whole thing was going to need a new paint job!

Jim was on his way out and ended up getting a flat tire. He then had to put on the donut and show up at the mod session and take everyone making fun of his cool new mod, the donut on the rear! : )

Our last problem was James painting his calipers blue. The paint was not going on as he would have liked, and when he took it out to get the paint to cure, it bubbled up.  James is also a good one who can hold back his temper and remain calm and cool.  He actually did a better job than Quarters.  He took it the caliper problem in stride and said he'd go home and work on it, it would be fine.

For all the things that could have gone wrong, it was a pretty smooth day, no major long lasting damage was done. I think Chiung was impressed with how inept our crew was around cars!  Hey, if we knew what we were doing, he wouldn't have had the pleasure to visit us in Tampa and help out. Scott and Troy helped out a lot with my xbrace and CAI though, so at least Chiung got to concentrate on the corners.

The other mod that almost everyone else got was the black paint on the air conditioner condenser on the front of the car, just behind the grill.  The big white can looking thing. Troy went around like Zorro and painted almost everyone's condenser before they even knew it. He is the quick mod king.

The day went by fairly quickly for how hot it was and how much we were outside. It was for the most part a very busy, serious day.  When you are working on your car and others' cars, there isn't much goofing off/playing around.  We all kept pretty busy. So far there have been no reports of leaks in the headlights. I've only put 10 miles on my car since then though and it really hasn't left the garage!  I do love the CAI sound with my exhaust.

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Chiung for all his hard work and for making it look easy.  I swear he didn't break a sweat all day. Thanks agian to the Quarters household for letting us hang out, drink your soda, mess up your garage, and get paint all over your good towels!  Sorry : (

When is the next mod session? What will we get done?  Hmmmm....