6/17/03 was the NOPI event down in Bradenton. We planned to get an early start, Jeff came by my house and then we ended up waiting over an hour for my neighbor's (KC, 350Z) wife (Bennie) to get home so we could head out. We had a casual drive for a change down to Bradenton.

It cost 25.00 to get in, a tad high in my opinion. We parked the cars outside of the gate, except for KC, he went down to race. Once in the gate, Jeff and I met fltsfshr (Grant) at the Liberty 1 tent. He and Jeff talked for hours about their superchargers! I didn't really get a chance to strike up a conversation, they were carrying on like little boys : ) 

I made my way around the event, not much of interest to me. I think I saw maybe 2-3 cars I'd rather have than mine. I wasn't too impressed. The drag racing was fun. Jeff and I got a kick out of the announcer during KC's run with his 350Z.  "Sure looks fast, wonder if he has done any mods to it". Then after the run, "Guess Not". KC didn't do too bad, started off in the 16s, then 15s, then the best I saw as 14.92 in the quarter mile.  He improved with each run and got to run a lot of times.

We ended up staying four hours or so. I got so hot I had to leave. I let 10 minutes before the bikini contest started. I tried to hold out, but am too old. I was sweating like a family of pigs.

Photos to the left are of the few cars that caught my eyes for one reason or another. Most of the photos are of my neighbor and his Z. Now before you say, "Hey, I thought this was a S2000 site for S2000 events!"  Well, it is.  Everyone was welcome to come join us, but the only other S2K besides mine was Jeff's, then we met Grant.  So, it was an S2K event ;-p

I thought I was taking video of every race KC had, but only ended up with one movie. I was hoping it was the one where he got beat by the Civic, but I didn't get that one on video.  Anyway, if you'd like to see a poor quality video, click here.  Broadband is highly recommended.