The below description of events is provided by Andy, even if he only does drive a Porsche.  Special thanks to Todd for the event info.


Sunday turned out to be a great day for a drive. We met up at The Old Meeting House in Hyde Park for breakfast. Dave, Stephen, and Scott showed up flying the S2000 flag, and we were also surprised by the arrival of another 2002 Porsche 996 to compliment my own. (Germans rule!)

Breakfast was cut short, since most of the group wanted to compete in the autocross, so we headed north on I-275. We were quite a sight: A silver 996, then 3 S2000ís, and the white 996 bringing up the rear. We jumped off the interstate in north Tampa, and proceeded to carve some of the curviest roads in the area. We drove up through San Antonio, cut through the Florida Mountains, and then literally flew down 301 in order to make the registration deadline.

Everyone made the deadline (Whew!), and the rest of us non-racers set up camp on the hill overlooking the runway that served as the days course. Being a Porsche Club event, the course was very open and fast, with some cars approaching 80-90MPH.  Our S2000 guys ran the last heat of the day. Speaking of heat; by that time we were all reduced to a puddle of sweat. (Note to self: Bring an umbrella and a water truck next time.)

Scott, Scott, and Stephen made a great showing out on the track, and showed everyone just what the S2000 is capable of (When following the course correctly).

We wrapped up the day with a quick run down 301 back towards familiar territory, and home. Slow, inept drivers attempted to spoil our fun, but we all know Dave is like that!

The next autocross is coming up quickly, so letís see some more people out on the track!!!!