4/19/03 was the first pool party of the summer! FLS2K, Michelle, jcarlton, hygiene boy, Scottl, Lisa, myself, and some of Quarters' friends were there for the fun. 

We were slow to get into the pool.  Troy was a one man volleyball team as he took on 2-3 others alone, and won!  He was handsomely rewarded with a live lizard earring. Which he sported for us and looked very good wearing it. 

Jeff did his usual handing out of the keys to his supercharged S2000.  Quarters I think was the only one on the gulf coast who hadn't driven it yet.  Jeff thought that since he was replacing the clutch soon, that it would be okay for Quarters to take it for a spin. After five minutes he came back with a big smile on his face.  I think he had a good time.

Troy let me take his car for a drive to check out how it handled with an x-brace and to also listen to his CAI. The x-brace made a big difference, and I now have one on order : )  Troy also surprised me with a nice front grill on my car, thanks!  It looks great, I've already added lots of bugs to enhance it's appearance. 

We all had food to grill out, Scott looked like the grill master, while I looked like a reject from the McDonalds cooking school. I brought Bubba Burgers and threw them on the grill.  By the time I got done flipping them and cooking them, they looked like they were ready to be made into meatloaf or sloppy joes! If you put several pieces together, they did make up a hamburger though.

After we grubbed, it was time to take off the shirts and expose the big white bellies!  Cannonball time! I tried to stay in the water as much as possible so as not to scare anyone. We got some good 5 on 5 volleyball games going on.  As usual, you guessed it, I was the the standout on our team and we won most of the games! One game we only got scored on two times!  We rock! Losers!

After what seemed like playing volleyball forever, it got dark and we headed inside for some....karaoke?  Buy this time Scott, Jeff, and Troy had left, which is too bad because Scott told us that Troy does a mean Vanilla Ice, Ice-Ice Baby impression.  If you've seen Troy, he kind of even looks like Vanilla Ice!  Well, except for that lizard earring he was wearing.

So as not to look like bigger losers than we already are, FLS2K (Dave) and I chose not to sing karaoke and went outside to smoke some cigars and mess up Quarters' lanai. It was nice to get away from all the slurred high pitch "singing" that was going on inside the house. We could still hear it a bit though, and some mirrors and window did crack from the excruciating vocals that were coming out over the cranked up home stereo.  Guys, turn it down next time, you aren't that good.

Somewhere in end of the evening, we all piled into the 100+ degrees hot tub for a relaxing soak. The party didn't break up until we were kicked out some time after 2:30 a.m.

The highlight of the event was the incarnation of Quarters' new, more fitting nickname, "Stock". He is the only one in the TBA/Gulf Coast area with a totally stock car! Hey Stock, don't you wish your wife would let you get some nice, loud exhaust? : )

Thanks everyone for showing up, and to Stock and his wife for letting us trash their house!  Next pool party is 5/3/03 if any of you want to join in!  Even people with Porsches can join, or if your car is out of commission like Scott's, feel free to join. It's a people event, not a car event.

Thanks also to FLS2K Dave for supplying some of the photos.  His are the smaller ones, the last half of the photos. I will be updating his photos with larger shots within the next week.