Hi everyone, this is Quarters, and by the graciousness of Dave(Tidal) I値l be your Master of Ceremonies for the day.  Now I知 no virtuoso of words like Dave, or Jim but I値l give it my best shot bringing you up to date on the events of the 2nd pool party on 5/3/2003.  

To sum up the party in two words .. AYE CARUMBA!!!   We had even more people, more food, and more beer than we did at the first one.  The good news is that the summer is just starting, and there will be many more to come.  

Now let me see if I can utilize my decrepit, faulty memory to give you a rundown of the attendees, then I値l get to the fun and games.  All in all I think at one point we had about 20 some people there. Unlike Tidal, I値l also mention the female attendees of the party, and non-S2Kers.  Lets see there was Dave(tidalwdave) and his wife Lisa, Jeff(jcarlton) and his wife Theresa, Scott(scottl), Troy(hygiene boy) and his friend Amy, Dave(FLS2K) and his wife Michelle, yours truly and his wife Carol, and August (the new kid in town). That was the initial S2K crew then Andy and his brother Jeff showed up, and last but surely not least Justin (PopTop) late in the evening.  I think just about everyone went in the pool but Scott, maybe next time big guy, and Andy and Jeff, you German wusses.  The non-S2K people were friends of mine, Randall (pony tailed dude), Adrienne (my personal beer supplier), Ben (scrawny but can play good V-Ball), my Brother in-law Chris and his wife Barb, my Friend Dave (yes, oh god another Dave), and Tony (aka Willy Idol).  I think that is pretty much everyone but I知 sure Tidal will let me know if I致e left anyone out.  It was quite the group for party #2. 

Well the pool volleyball was a blast.  We had MANY games with 5 on 5 and still plenty of spectators (aka ball getters).  Unfortunately for Tidal it didn稚 go the way he wanted.  Now I知 not sure if this will make it onto his site, because of his censoring, but that痴 right friends, he got schooled in a major way.  He wasn稚 on a winning team the entire day a moment of silence for Tidal .. what was it you said last time Dave, oh yeah .. LOSERS!!!  followed up with a WE ROCK!!!!!.  Unlike yours truly I didn稚 have a loss the entire day .. hey Dave I can show you how it痴 done *L*.   Well, maybe next time you値l be on my team and win a few nudge nudge. 

After exhausting ourselves in the pool, and plenty of beer breaks it was chow time.  The grill this time though didn稚 look like a training seminar at Steak and Shake.  The food stayed together, looked , and tasted great.  My brother-in-law brought BBQ ribs for me and carol and those were FINGER lickin GOOD!.  We all chowed down for quite some time.  Tidal, FLS2K, Andy, and Jeff lit up some after dinner stogies and just let the food process for a while. 

We then went outside to see Jeff痴 new additions on his car.  He added an instrument pod on the drivers side.  It looks great, but unfortunately he hadn稚 hooked them up yet.  I also got to show everyone why I could no longer be called 全tock.  That痴 right boys and girls I have a MOD.  A 菟ity mod, as Tidal would put it, but a mod never-the-less.  Alex parted with a used HKS hyper exhaust and Jeff installed it on my ride on Friday.  It looks and sounds great!  I can稚 thank those guys enough. 

Pop top also has a new mod.  He installed an invidia exhaust, like Tidal痴, on Saturday.  This is why he was late.  Great reason dude.  The exhaust looks, and sounds awesome! 

Well after about a half hour or so of S-talk out on the street we headed back in for more V-Ball and beer of course. *G*.   Scott and Troy headed out early but the majority stuck around into the night time, and we all know what that means .. OH yes .. Karaoke!  Unfortunately, or fortunately as some might say, I was in no shape to sing that night.  I had a bad cold, but still took one for the team and had the party.  I sounded more like Barry White by the end of the night and could barely talk.  We had a few new crooners up there though like Jeff, who did a great job on his songs, and also Justin.  Justin got a bit miffed at August jettin in the middle of his rendition of margarittaville, but I値l let that whole thing go *G*. 

We fired up the hot tub late in the evening when the pool lights were on and Dave (Tidal), Dave (FLS2K), Justin (Pop Top) and myself were sittin in the stew.   Dave, Dave, and Justin lit up the stogies as they sat there and cooked.  A cigar in one hand, a beer in the other under the Florida night sky.  Man it doesn稚 get much better than that! 

The party wrapped up about the 2am hour again when I finally kicked their asses out.  (just kidding guys).

Thanks everyone for attending the party, and hopefully everyone had fun.  For those that didn稚 make it please try to make the next one, which should be in a few weeks. 

Thanks Tidal for allowing me to narrate this event.  I hope I didn稚 disappoint you, or your avid followers. 

This is Quarters, signing off..

This is Tidal, just wanting to thank August for taking most of the photos.  Also, I hope to be adding more photos from FLS2K (Dave) at a later time.