Hey everyone, Quarters here and I’ll be your ‘guest’ narrator for this funtabulous event!  Once again we partied, ate, drank, and sang till almost 2am.  Now before I start commenting on some of the pictures I will say, YES we have nipple shots!!!!   I will also follow that up with, they may NOT be exactly what you might expect!!!!  I guess I should place the disclaimer here ‘These photos are intended for mature adults, view at your own risk’ but if I did that I know that NONE of our group would be able to view them, and yes I’m among them! 

First we had 2 newcomers to the pool party for the first time, jvrabel(Jim) and JimsBitch(Susan) !!! YEAHHHHH!! Bout time they showed up.  Thanks guys for making the party, and photos, ummmmm interesting????!!  Just kidding, you guys, you know we loved having you.  

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank POP-TOP (Justin) for bringing his underwater camera housing for his digital camera.  As you will see we had some incredible shots from that camera!  Thanks DUDE they turned out great!!!! 

As you can see, in the opening pictures, Jim is welcoming you with his ‘infamous’ greeting.  You know it’s either the finger, or a beer, and sometimes a combination of both, but since he was underwater the beer wouldn’t work out too well.  I bet since he’s an engineer he could be working on a way to drink beer underwater….  What do you think jim, is it a keeper???? 

We then move onto an underwater group photo…. I think the names will be withheld to protect the innocent there. 

POP-TOP got some GREAT shots with his camera since it could get wet.  The volleyball game is practically from a players prospective, or whatever it is we do when we play volleyball *G* 

Well there was  plenty of FOOD, BOOZE, and fun and even some body shots with icing courtesy of Jim and Susan.  Yes, nothing is sacred at the parties, and this is probably one of the shots where the disclaimer would apply. 

Jeff brought out his TOY that he’s been working on forever.  His 240ZX and as you can see it is CHERRY!!!!!!   Jeff did a great job restoring this baby and it looks, sounds, and runs great.  He even told us that he had a buyer for it already which means this is the only chance we’ll get to see this beauty.  Thanks Jeff for bringing it out to the party….. 

FLS2K(Dave) is sitting in the Jacuzzi, bubbles going, wine being poured, thinking ‘man life doesn’t get much better than this…………..’ 

Ok, who is that, SHIEK Tidal???  I still think my blue cover looks better on my chair than on his head.  Hmmmm is he getting used to wearing a rug???   And, Damnit .. Tidal .. that’s where my canned cheese went to !!!!  Oh god, you put the dispenser on your nipple .. eewwwwwwww!!!???? *note to self throw away REST of canned cheese when I get home* 

The party progressed way into the evening and yes even the Karaoke was brought out.  We were all treated by Jeff , Pop-Top, Bill, and yours truly, with some occasional backups by the fly girls, Carol, Bobbie, Lisa, and Susan……   I am sure glad alcohol dulls the senses, and even some of us had the GOOD sense to NOT partake, as you can see by Michelle taking a snooze on the glider.  I don’t know about you, but there is NO way I’d ever fall asleep around this group.  I guess she felt safe since her hubby was close by to watch out for her.  Of course, he’d probably be the first to do something….. j/k dave…. 

We have some pictures of Tidal doing something with feet….. here I thought we had enough food at the party…. Later on he’s doing something with POP-TOP but I’d rather NOT know what…  I don’t know Tidal, Jim had feet first, you need to get your own gig.  Perhaps licking armpits?? hmmmmmmmm I wouldn’t put it past him *laugh* 

Well, again the party was a HUGE success, and looks like we’ll have only 1 more this year, the 20th of September.  You never know though, the weather may hold out and we’ll squeeze one out in October, but time is fleeting fast.  For those of you that didn’t make it, be sure to make the next one in September.  We are going to have a visit from the South Florida club.  We are going to show them how pool volleyball is done up north…. Hey guys would you consider taking Tidal?????   I’m sure me and the other guys from TBA would make it worth your while !! $$$$$ .. Just kidding Tidal, ya know we love ya man!!! 

Anywho!!!!!! This is Quarters signing off and handing it back to Tidal…. I hope I did ya proud dude!!!!