S2000 Event Photos

July 3, 2006.  Mountain trip with Scott.  Good time gone bad. Totaled S2000.  Photos are here.  (NEW)

March 31 - April 3, 2006.  St. Pete Honda Grand Prix.  Photos are here.  (NEW)

April 1, 2006.  My birthday gathering in Tampa, Ybor area.  Photos are here.  (NEW)

January 8th 2006. After Christmas Pinehurst Meet.  Photos are here.

November 11-13, 2005.  Fall McDragon Non Event at The Dragon.  Photos are here.

October 1, 2005.  The first meet I've put together since we've been up here in Charlotte.  The Quaker Steak and Lube Dinner/Meet/Carting Event.  Photos are here.

September 30, 2005.  Jim, Susan, Lisa, and I went to The Dragon.  Our photos are here and the Killboy.com photos are here.

September 24, 2005.  Border Run drive up to The Blue Ridge Parkway and winery.  Photos are here.

April 3, 2005.  Honda Grand Prix in St. Pete.  Some of us were able to drive in the parade lap.  Photos are here and here

February 16, 2005.  Lisa's birthday party.  Photos are here.  

February 12, 2005.  Mayor McCheese's birthday party.  Photos are here.  

February 5, 2005.  Justin and Jessie had a Mardi Gras party.  Photos are here.  

January 30, 2005.  We lost a longtime member of our S2000 family, Steven (SarasotaRed). Details can be found on the 3rd Annual Skyway Bridge Meet photo section below.  Also, photos of Steven and more details can be found here.

January 15, 2005.  3r Annual Skyway Bridge Meet. Photos are here.

December 31, 2004.  New Years party at Quarters'.  Photos are here and here.  

October 30, 2004.  Checked out the 350Z meet in Sarasota, then went to Charles' and Tara's for a Halloween party.  Photos are here.

October 16, 2004.  Lisa, Dave, Michelle, and I went to a cabin in NC for a week, drove The Dragon also.  Photos are here and here.  

October 2, 2004.  J's group drive, set along  The Gulf of Mexico. Photos are here.

August 28, 2004.  Pool party at Quarters'.  Photos are here.  

July 4, 2004.  Fourth of July party at Jeff and Andy' parents house.  Photos are here.  

June 19, 2004.  Pool party at our house.  Photos are here.  

June 9, 2004.  A group of us went to Key West again.  Photos are here.  

May 30 and 31, 2004.  J's Birthday Bash!  J's b-day was Memorial Day weekend, so his wife Jennifer set up a boating event for six couples in The Gulf of Mexico. Photos are here.

Sunday, 5/23/04, the Exotic Car Festival at Downtown Celebration. Photos are here.

Saturday, 5/15/04 was the mod session at J's down in the Sarasota area and 5/16/04 was a small mod session at Jim's. Photos are here.

Saturday, 4/24/04, was the Sawgrass Flats Fan Appreciation Party. Photos are here.

Friday, 4/16/04-Tuesday, 4/20/04, Wake the Dragon 2004 in Knoxville TN and NC.  Photos are here.

Saturday, 4/10/04, Autocross at the Gainesville Raceway.  About 7 S2000s participated. Photos are here.

Friday, 4/02/04-Sunday, 4/04/04, was the Florida S2000/NSX Super Meet. We had about 70+ cars there. Photos are here.

Saturday, 3/27/04, at gathering at Splitsville for my birthday.  Photos are here.

Saturday, 3/06/04, was a the second annual Grillmarks Meet.  Photos are here.

Saturday, 2/21/04, was a pool party ad J's, we checked out the place and also got a look at Jeff's redone car.  Photos are here.

Saturday, 1/24/04, my brother and I took a drive to Ft. Desoto since it was such a nice day. Plus, I wanted to get some shots of the car with the eyelids on it and a sunny blue sky in the background.  Photos are here.

Saturday, 1/17/04, Jeff, J, and I went to Sarasota to check out a Rio Yellow 04 S2K for someone from New York, who bought it off Ebay.  Photos can be seen here.

Saturday, 01/10/04, 1 Year TBA Anniversary Meet!  Photos are here, sorry about the quality, can't do much with them if you don't have nice weather and good lighting. 

Wednesday, 12/31/03 and Thursday 1/01/04, New Year's Bash at Quarters' place. Photos are here.

Saturday, 12/06/03, J and Jennifer had a house warming party, photos are here.

Saturday, 11/15/03, Jim and Susan had a house warming party, photos are here.

Friday, 11/14/03, a group of us went to the Tampa Auto Show and events after the show.  Photos are here.

Sunday, 11/09/03, Justin and I went to Picnic Island Park to check out Alex's turbo. It was sweet! Photos here.

Saturday, 10/25/03, Philippe Park drive, meet and lunch.  Photos can be seen here!   Nobody wanted to do a write up for this one either? : (

Sunday, 10/19/03, exotic car show in Winter Park. Over 100 exotic cars! Photos are here!

Saturday, 10/18/03, Classic car show in Lakeland. Dave, Lisa, and I went to the Classic Car Show. Tons of different cars, some classic, some new, some exotic. Click here for photos.

Saturday, 10/11/03 pool party. Photos can be seen here!  Nobody wanted to do a write up? : (

Friday, September 26 to Friday, October 3, 2003. Lisa and I went up to North Carolina with a group from Florida for the 2003 Dragonball Run. We took two cameras and got probably way more photos than anyone could ever look at. For those daring enough to look through all the photos, I have pages set up by the camera used. The majority of the photos were taken with the Canon Digital Rebel and can be found here. The other camera is my Olympus C2100 UZ, the photos from that camera can be found here.

Saturday, September 20, 2003 was what may have been the last pool party of the year. Good time as usual.  Photos are here.

Saturday, August 16, 2003...Another pool party! They seem to be getting more out of hand!  Photos are here.

Saturday, July 26, 2003 was yet another successful TBA pool party at Quarters' place. Photos can be seen here.

July 17-21, 2003 a small group of us from the TBA and one from Naples took a trip to Key West. Photos can be seen here.   A write up will be done by Jim when time permits.

Saturday, July 12, 2003, was the Tampa Bay Area Dyno Day at Race Related, put together by Scott. Photos are here!

Sunday, 7/6/03, autocross at The Florida State Fairgrounds. I just went to watch. Todd was there, as well as a Spa S2000 and a 2003 GP white/tan, all running the event. Photos can be seen here.  The S2000 photos start on the second page.

Saturday, 6/28/03, the 3rd pool party at Quarters'.  Photos can be seen here!  Also included is the mod session at Steves, and 4th of July with FLS2K Dave, Lisa, Jim, Susan, and myself. 

Saturday, 6/21/03 we were going to do a big group drive down to Boca Grande with about 15 cars. Well, it got rained out (or flooded out). A few of us decided to still get together and hang out in Ybor during the afternoon, then go to a Honda dealer for some touch out paint, then over to hOOters, followed by DVD watching at my house. Photos can be seen here.  No, there aren't any shots of the hOOters chicks by our cars.  Well, there almost were.  We lined up the cars in front hOOters after we got done eating and just as we were getting the girls to come outside, the rain started up again, heavy downpour as usual. So, no chicks on our cars : (

Saturday, 6/14/03 was a road trip to St. Augustine for the First Coast 1 Year Anniversary Meet.  Photos can be seen here.

Sunday, 6/10/03 a group of us met up with J down on Longboat Key for dinner.  Photos can be seen here.

Sunday, 6/01/03 was the long awaited mod session. Photos can be seen here!  Thanks Chiung!

Saturday, 5/31/03 was the autocross event at the Florida State Fairgrounds. Details and photos can be seen here.  Thanks to Scott for the write up!

As a reminder, when going to any of these autocross events, please watch your speed and etiquette.  While on the property where the autocross is being conducted, be civil. We have gotten complaints about our group two out of the two times we've gone for excessive speeds. It really doesn't make us look good. If we want to go fast, take it out of the sponsored event area, as they work hard to get places lined up to allow cars to drive fast under supervised/safe conditions. If you want to race/drive fast in the event area, pay the money and do the autocross.  I'd like for this to not happen again and have them ban the whole lot of us.

Thanks for your cooperation with this matter/problem. 

5/24/03, TBA meet at Tarpon Springs. We knew we wouldn't get the full group due to the holiday weekend, but we finally got a Grand Prix White to show up.  Thanks Brian, your car was sweet!  Photos can be seen here.

5/18/03, the PCA autocross in Zephyrhills, drive and description provided by Andy.  Meet details were provided by Todd.  Event photos can be seen here!

5/17/03, the NOPI event down in Bradenton. While it was a bit expensive, it was kind of fun, too bad it was soooo hot!  Photos can be seen by clicking here.  WARNING, 350Z intensive! 

5/10/03, The Sawgrass Flats Fan Appreciation Party, put on by our buddy Joser (Bill) and his band!  Photos coming soon, I'm waiting for FLS2K to send me the write up....Okay, I did the write up myself.  Photos can be seen here!

5/03/03 was the second pool party of the summer at Quarters' house!  Photos can be seen here.

4/27/03 was the Florida Super Meet in Orlando, photos can be seen here!

4/26/03 was the TBA Ft. Desoto Meet, photos can be seen here!

4/25/03 was the Invidia exhaust install on my car and the Ybor happy hour, photos are here.

4/19/03 was the pool party at Stock's/Quarters.  Photos can be seen here.

4/11/03 weekend. Friday, 4/11/03, Dave, Jim, and I took and day off work. Our story and adventure can be found by clicking here. Big thanks to Dave (FLS2K) for contributing to the photos from 4/11!

4/13/03 photos from The Three Daves hanging out and taking photos around Plant City can be see here.

4/14/03, photos from John's new exhaust install can be seen here!

4/07/03, Jim, Lisa, and I took at trip to Honeymoon Island and the Tarpon Springs area.  Photos can bee seen here.

4/06/03, photos from our scouting trip to Ft. Desoto and from dinner afterwards in Ybor City.

3/29/03, photos from the Bradenton Drag Strip!  We had a decent showing for this trip, about 11-13 S2000s from the TBA including Sarasota and Ft. Myers area.  Videos will be posted shortly, as well as other member's photos.  For now, there are a ton of the photos that I took up for viewing now, just click here!

3/22/03, Photos from our scouting trip in Sarasota (Lido Beach and Siesta Key). Photos can be seen here!

3/15/03 and 3/16/03 hang out at my house and drive to Brooksville. Photos are now up from our fun weekend.  Click here for the shots and details.

3/09/03 was a quick impromptu meet for a drive/lunch/photo shoot.  With only two or three days notice, we got 7 S2000s set up for a drive and lunch to Brooksville.  By the meeting time, we had two drop out, but still ended up with 5 cars and 9 people for the trip.  Photos and details can be seen here.

3/01/03 we had a meet at Grillmarks, and also a Meet Before the Meet! There was a chance of rain all day, but we managed to keep dry and stay topless! Tons of photos can be seen here. Sorry, I posted most everything I had, they aren't the greatest due to no blue skys or sunshine, but we had fun and that's what counts!

2/22/03 was the big Exotic Car Show in Mt. Dora.  We had a small group from the Tampa Bay Area go along for the drive and event. FLS2K (Dave), ZconZ (Eric), JustBlaze (Stephen), atraenk and bro Jeff (no S2K, but brought his Porsche), and myself all went. The drive up there was very nice, warm, and sunny with some nice scenery. We had great weather all day while at the show, but on the way home it rained about half the way. This also marked the first time that my car has seen rain : (  A sad day indeed.  Photos (tons of them), can be seen here!

02/02/03 FLS2K and I went for a drive to Brooksville.  There were some nice hills and actually some curves.  It was a great day for a drive, sunny and warm for the most part. We stopped at a few places for some photos and also came across the best place for pizza.  It's a restaurant called Mykonos II. I'm ready to go back again just for the pizza. The drive was fun too though! : )  We didn't get the best lighting conditions for the photos, but if you are interested, they can be seen here!

01/18/03 we had a small meet at the Z-Hills Import Power Blitz.  It was one of the coldest days of the year, but at least it warmed up a little and wasn't too bad, temps in the low 50's and sunny.  Seven of us showed up from the Tampa Bay area, including Smokindog
from Venice, who took his car up for a last road trip before trading her in later that evening. There was a huge turnout, lots of imports, but, with that comes lots of rice : (  Still, at least us showing up with our S2Ks made the event look better, gave it a touch of class.  The event was nice in that it was small and we all got to talk and get to know everyone better.  The cars were parked in so close together that photos were not much of an option.  I did get a shot of our group with their cars.

P1180001.jpg (102837 bytes)Smokindog  P1180002.jpg (79354 bytes)JustblazeP1180003.jpg (103855 bytes)Hygiene Boy

P1180004.jpg (108568 bytes)ScottlP1180006.jpg (113059 bytes)JcarltonP1180005.jpg (114559 bytes)Xconz

01/11/03 was the Skyway Bridge Meet.  We had about 15 S2Ks at this one, put together by the Venice/Sarasota/Bradenton group.  Maybe 5-6 of us showed up from the TBAS2K group!  PHOTOS ARE HERE!

1/4/03, First Coast Meet!  I took the 500 mile round trip up to the St. Augustine area. There were around 19 S2Ks and one NXS.  About 30 people total.  We had a nice time, the day was bright and sunny, but cold and breezy.  By the time we got done eating lunch at Caddyshack (3:30ish), it had warmed up enough for all of us (well, most of us, there were a few wimps) to drop our tops and go on a 30 river road drive.  Surprisingly we all stayed together. You should have seen all the looks we got.  We formed a very impressive group. They only thing missing were the red and white S2000s.  Where were you guys?!  We had none in attendance.  Anyway, here are some photos I took at Caddyshack and at the Erotic Cafe, an impromptu meet held after the river cruise.  To see others photos and to hear more about this fun meet, check it out here.

Here are my photos, I didn't get many : (  The thumbnails are small, but click on them and they will give you larger images.

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Mini Meet, 10/21/02:  The first ever meet I went to in Indian Rocks Beach.  It was just me with my brother.  That's as close as I've been to a meet.

minimeet.JPG (97848 bytes)The Spa S2000!