S2000 Links

Great bullet cameras and mounts to put on your car so you can tape your driving events:

S2000 International

Rick's Signature Accessories for the S2000


Regional S2000 Web Sites:

New England S2000 Owners Home Page: http://www.nes2ko.com/s2k/ 

North Texas S2000 Owner's Club: http://www.s2000.org/ 

Arizona S2000 Owner's Club: http://www.s2000arizona.com/

Central California S2000 Owners: http://www.cvs2ks.com/ 

First Coast area of Florida: http://www.firstcoasts2k.com/index.html 

Germany: http://www.s2ki.info/ 

Owner/Fan Web Sites:

Mike's S2000 Page: http://www.schapers.org/S2000/index.htm 

Miscellaneous S2000 Web Sites:

Honda Racing Merchandise: www.hondanorth.com.au/parts_merchandise.htm#HondaCollection.com 

Honda East Coast Challenge: www.honda-challenge.com 

Rear Speakers: www.lucidautomotive.com  

Camshafts: www.todaracing.com 

Veilside Body Kits, Wings, Hard Tonneau Cover: www.veilside.com 

Martin Sports Car Club: www.martinsportscarclub.com 

Local autocross / solo 2 racing, SCCA CFR: www.cfrsolo2.com 

Muz, Austrailian accessories site, with screensavers/wallpapers: www.australia-goldcoast.com

Billet accessories: www.billetdesign.com    

Exterior accessories, body kits: www.mvpmotorsports.com 

Track Days: www.chinmotorsports.com 

Grilles, accessories, S2K art, S clothing: www.hondas2000accessories.com 

Comptech Performance Parts: www.shop.innercite.com 

Remote Camera For Filming Racing/Driving: www.conecam.com 

Magnetic Door Numbers: www.edecals.com 

Great Driving Gloves: www.e-channel.com 

AutoCross driving school: www.autocross.com/evolution  

Great S2000 seat covers: http://www.wetokole.net/ 

Lotus Elise Web Sites:

Official Lotus USA website, http://lotuscars.com/

Elise FAQ, http://www.elise-faq.info/

Site for official Lotus Motorsports, http://www.lotussport.com/

South East Lotus Owners Club, http://forums.seloc.org/www2/index.php

Detailed Elise site, http://www.sandsmuseum.com/cars/elise/index.html