Well everyone another pool party has come and gone!!!!  Oh, this is Quarters btw, performing the ol narration game here…..  

((((Party Roll Call!!!))) 

Quarters, Carol, Tidal, Lisa, Dave, Michelle, Adrienne, Eric, Jim, Justin, James, Lindsay, Jeremy, Dyani, Meredith, Jay, Jennifer, Dave S, and Charlie 

Well, again for those that missed it, it was an incredible time!  The photos speak for themselves, but I thought I’d lend my .02 cents in there. 

We started things off a little differently with a tapping of da keg ceremony….  Now, I remember telling everyone to bring what they wanted to drink, and WOW did Dave and Tidal do just that.  The ¼ barrel tells the story, and I’ll tell you that puppy was floating pretty light by the end of the day.  Great idea guys !!!!  Why didn’t we think of that sooner!!  And, oh yes… that was Michelob light in that barrel NOT Tidals NATTY light.  Finally a beer with taste!!!! party on guys!! 

We actually had some NEW comers this party.  Jay and Jennifer and their lil one, that’s right we are now corrupting VERY young, showed up for the festivities.  I think they had a great time and hope they make it again.  Thanks for showing up guys.  We also had friends of mine from UCF in Orlando, Lindsay, and Dyani.  Later on Jeremy and Meredith showed up from Tallahassee.  They definitely win the LONGEST drive award for the party!  I hope you didn’t think my friends were TOO off the wall…..  I hope you had a great time and make that long trip again, like around October 11th (wink wink).  Last but not least was a new indoctrinee into the TBA water volleyball fraternity, Charlie…. He finally showed up after 8 but stayed into the wee hours.  Thanks man for making it over.  Hopefully you’ll be a regular at the bashes/meets/events.  Oh, also those COOL pics of the BLUE Lights and Alpine system are Charlies.  VERY cool!!!!!  He’s got QUITE the sound system in that ‘S’.  It looks good and maybe next time I’ll get to hear how good it sounds too.  

Hey Jim thanks for showing up man, even without Susan!!  Also, thanks for the SHOT –O- PIE…. That was awesome!!!!!! 

The food was cooked, the volleyball was played, and of course, the beer was consumed.  We played a LOT of volleyball Saturday, and as the photos show, long into the darkness.  I have to say it was NO picnic trying to play while Tidal was flashing us with his new toy, but the pics did turn out great.  I felt like the Damn Papparazzi were in town.  It’s ok man you did a great job on the pics. 

We didn’t make it to the Karaoke this time though because there was too much interest in the volleyball and food.  I guarantee the next one, which will probably be the last, will have it.  I know, I said it before but we are going to try and EEK out one more before Mother Nature pulls the plug on the pool.  Oh in case you were wondering the water was 88 on Saturday.  Pretty sweet huh????  It felt even better later in the evening.