Friday, April 2, 2004, J and I drove to central Florida for the S2000/NSX Super Meet. We were the first ones there, so we blocked off some parking spots for the late arrivals, as well as hoisted a few cold ones while we waited for more of the group to show up. The weather was perfect, clear blue skies and the temp was in the mid 70's. You could tell it had all the makings for a perfect weekend to take some long drives.

As the evening came, there got to be a large group of us, pretty much taking over the hotel, except for some noisy high school girls swim team that was in the building. .  Dinner was at the hotel, out by the pool. By the time we ate, it was darker, windy, and pretty cold (cold for us Florida people anyway ). We ate outside with our jackets on. Dinner wasn't too bad, chicken and burgers with some sides. I grabbed an extra chicken sandwich to eat later than night. I love me some chicken.

After dinner, J, Shay, Sandy, Mr. Tasty, and somehow Gerry, all ended up back at Shay's suite. It was time for some pigs! Nope, not talking about Gerry, talking about rolling some pigs! I lost every time. We played like 10 times and I lost them all. Tasty even beat me a few times.   Just in time to break up the game, the Panhandle guys showed up and started to mooch our beer.  

After the pigs games, it was still early, so a few of us made our way to the S. Florida group's condos. The party there was in full swing and I found myself sitting outside with a group of them smoking some Singapore (is that where it was from?) apple tobacco out of a bong, also from Singapore. That was some good stuff. By now it was past midnight, it was a long day and I had to get up early, so I walked back to our hotel room and crashed. Well, I tried to crash, but between J snoring and the little high school girls running around, I didn't fall asleep until the early morning.

Saturday was the first day of the meet, there must have been 70+ cars there! We lined up the cars up in groups of 10 for the drive on some twisty (for Florida) roads. Shay and Sandy were our group leaders, since he was the only one with a copilot. Sandy did a good job on the drive, we only took a wrong turn 2-3 times. The roads were pretty fun. J and I mad a mad pass around Kim on one of the back roads. Come on girl, pick up the pace!   Now we were at the front of the pack, taking some mad turns. I was behind J now, and he was taking the turns like an old man. I had to brake going into the turns to avoid hitting him. I know, braking is a no-no, but it was that or hit him. 

Nick was in our group, he had four cameras mounted on his car. One on the windblocker, one under the rear bumper, one on the front bumper, and one on the side down by the front wheel. I haven't seen any of the video yet, but I bet it looks great! Thanks Nick, where is my copy? Did you get the almost mass pile up when someone thought it was a good idea to slam on the brakes while we were at high speed? Just because we caught up with the NSX's, we don't need to slow down to let them get a head. I had to do some serious braking to not hit poor J. My cameras all flew off my seat and hit my dash! It's a good thing my girl Natalie was strapped in tight! She could have been popped or something! She enjoyed meeting all you guys btw, but next time, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF HER BREASTICALS!

After the spirited driving, we went to a country club for some good grub. That was then followed by some mad go carting. I may have lost at pigs, but I kicked some serious butt and the carting. I spun Tasty out every time! No spin outs for me except one time Tasty played dirty and t-boned me. Poor Shay, his wife Sandy lapped him and spun him out every time.  I was embarrassed to be a man. He didn't represent well.  Talk about not representing well, what's up with the way the south Florida people drive. Man, besides not being able to keep their carts facing the right direction, when driving their real cars, one spun out and another went into a ditch! You know we love you guys anyway. 

After carting was the long drive back to the hotel for a quick shower and then sunset photos of the car and dinner at another country club. We didn't have as many cars for the photos as we did for the drive, but we still had a good showing. The photographer got a ladder to stand on for the photos of the cars. We sure crammed them into that lot. 

After the photos, we went into the country club. We ended up being there an hour early! So, we all socialized and had a few drinks. It was a good time to unwind and mingle. I'm actually glad dinner wasn't ready. It was a good social time. Once dinner was served, I was ready to eat! I must have piled a couple pounds of roast beef on my plate and a few chunks of chicken. I ate so much I felt sick. It was great stuff though!

After dinner a group of us went back to Shay and Sandy's room again. We took it easy and just gabbed . Mr. Tasty went to bed at like 9pm. We were all shocked and disappointed with him. If Shay can stay up later than you, then you have a problem.

Sunday came and it was time for our drive in the hilly country. Our group was the last to leave the hotel, and we all know that earlier they threatened to call the cops on our group. Well, buy the time the cops got there, we were the only ones left. So, we got to hear the hotel security guard tell the cops how aggressive we were driving and about all the trouble our whole group was. The cops pretty much just told us to leave, which was not a big deal. We were all checked out of the hotel and leaving anyway!

Anyway, the hills were a lot of fun, like riding a roller coaster when you got up to some nice speeds. The bad thing was all the bicyclists. They were everywhere. We had to be very careful in some places, which took out a bit of the fun. Hey, safety first. We didn't want to cause any problems/accidents. We were very cautious when we saw the bikers. We were also cautious when we saw those two state troopers coming in the opposite direction! I sure thought we were going to be busted. Luck was on our side though, they just keep on driving and didn't seem to give our group of 13 cars a second thought.

Speaking of the drive, Nate "mini Vin Diesel"  , lead this one and his girl Joy navigated. They did a great job and kept us out of too much trouble. I think we only missed one turn, so we didn't get lost too much. Instead of J, it was Gerry who was slowing down my progress on this drive. Come on man!  You know red isn't as fast as yellow. You go in the back next time. 

Once the drive was over, we went to another country club for dinner. I wasn't able to stay, since I had to get home and relax a bit from the weekend and from J snoring two nights in a row. I just needed a nap! So, I drove home by myself. Almost fell asleep a few times, but made it home okay.

Thanks to Keith, Nick, Tommy, and  Wei-Shen for getting this thing together. Also thanks to Chin Motorsports for sponsoring the event. Also thanks to Gerry for not taking his raffle prize for a free alignment. I ended up winning that prize due to having the closest birthday to the date of the Super Meet. So, thanks to First Class Automotive in Orlando for providing the prize I won, and also an alignment prize for the NSX owner.

I had a great time! Can't wait to do it again next year. It was great meeting everyone!