Sponge Docks Writeup

Hello all. Since I set this thing up, I've been drafted to do the write-up. In case you didn't know, this is jvrabel. Some community organizer. I have to do everything around here. Just kidding Dave. You're doing a fine job.

Well, since my drunk ass wife couldn't get out of bed Saturday morning, we were a little late. We were out drinking with the TBAS2K crew the night before. She never drinks but we have that affect on people. I think she started to drink to drown out Tidal's voice, but you never can tell. We've driven a lot to drink.

But there was no drinking Saturday, just driving. We met at Fred Howard Park in Tarpon Springs. If you haven't been, you should go. Troy, Tina, Scott, and Eric were there before us. Props to the Largetto crew. Troy was showing off his recently tinted headlights. That boy is always doing something! It was nice to see Lola (Scott's car) rolling again.

Joser and his sister showed up followed by the Tampa crew: Andy and his woman, Justin, Dave, Lisa and Jeff (driving Dave's car). Of course, since Andy was leading the pack, he missed the turn (even though there were 5 S's sitting right in front of him). That's what you get for letting a Porsche lead the pack! Oh and Jeff, you gotta keep the revs up on the S to keep it from stalling. I thought it was gonna die when you backed it in. Stick to Porches man!

Finally, a sight for sore eyes rolled into the park. New member Brian and his lady in a very nice grand prix white S2K with red/black interior. All eyes were on it, like it was made of gold. I saw a little drool come from some of the guys mouths. After it was parked, it was like flies drawn to a halogen light. Pretty funny actually. I was drawn in myself, I have to admit. Finally, we were going to get a coveted picture, all the colors together for one shot. But wait, there was one missing. Rich decided he was going to ruin it for us by showing up late. We tried to call but Dave (in his infinite wisdom) had Rich's number programmed into his cell with only nine of the 10 digits required to place a call. Great Dave!

So we decided to proceed out onto the causeway for a photo op. It usually very nice out there, except for the 15 minutes we wanted to take pics. The rest of the day was crystal clear. The minute the cameras came out, dark clouds appeared overhead, I even felt rain. And still no red S!! Oh well. Even Troy pansied out by keeping his top up. During the photos we got reved on by some jealous Mustang owners (ha!), one even offering to race (double ha!). After the pics, we wanted to pull out as a group. Andy helped by blocking traffic. I knew Porches were good for something!! We then cruised the causeway looking for chicks (Eric found one he liked) and Dave found something he liked (a burly guy with a bunch of tats and a mohawk). How you doin'!?!?! We were just heading back out for our drive when Rich decided to show up. Thanks man! Two minutes earlier and we could of had the pic! His car looked great though. Love the chrome wheels.

Since we had reservations for lunch, I pressed on. Continuing through Tarpon Springs past some beautiful houses on the many inlets around the Sponge Docks, we started the "spirited driving" portion of our tour. A twisting two lane road just north of the sponge docks area. Of course, my worst fears came true, a tow truck with two cars on the flatbed were driving like 15 mph, blocking our way. Luckily, it turned down a side street and we were off. Later in the drive, there were enough places to pass slower cars. Maybe we should have stayed behind them! My wife got sick from the turns and there was a report of Troy launching his car at an undisclosed speed.

It turned out to be pretty fun, thankfully. It could have gone either way but luckily, we didn't get behind any grannies. Dave and Brian did get stuck and were lost from the group for some time. Come on guys! Pick up the slack. You gotta learn to stay with us lead foots.

We then arrived back at the Sponge Docks. This is a touristy area of Tarpon Springs with a Greek fishing village feel. I set us up at what I think is the best restaurant in the area, Hellas. Great gyros! We all had a big meal and some indulged in dessert from the huge bakery next door.

After lunch, a couple of the guys wanted to do the drive again. Hell, why not. I think I had more fun the second time around. I got to pass a Monte Carlo with fancy checker flag striping on the side. The owner wasn't to pleased about being passed by an S. Too bad, my man. I think I made Susan even sicker the second time around with a hangover and a full stomach. Ha!!

After the drive, someone got the grand idea to go paint calipers in the scorching 90 degree heat. If I ever find that guy!! Oh, sorry Scott. Eric, Scott, Troy and I retreated to the Largetto to paint. Thank Scott for letting us litter in your driveway and eat your food. It looked like the ghetto with all the cars up on blocks. Everyone was pleased with the results. Steve showed up later and sulked about his fancy powder coated calipers. We gave him enough ribbing then, I won't continue here. Like I said, Tina fed us all and we thank her for that!!

Then I went home and passed out from being in the hot sun for 10 hours straight! Long day but really fun. If anyone wants to paint calipers, we have the technology! We can make it happen! Thanks to all for showing up. Enjoy what little pics we have. No time for pics, just drive!!