Jim is in the process of doing the write up, but has other things going on now.  The below is the inside jokes and hightlights of our trip to tide you over until we can get a proper write up done. These are quotes from those that participated.

I think Susan summed it up best. She went to work this morning and all her friends were asking her what she did. She couldn't tell them because it's all a blur.

From my recollection, there was a lot of booze, women, strippers, porn, ball busting, sex and booze. Did I mention the booze? It's really fuzzy in my mind right now. Maybe with time (and detoxification) I will remember.

My camera work is just like the weekend. A lot of my photos came out fuzzy and blurred. Maybe it was due to my lak of holding a camera still for any length of time. Lots of pictures of chicks (some I don't even remember taking). I have 280 shots of my own. I'm sure we have close to 1000 pictures between us.

And now for some inside jokes:
1. Fish dip
2. Tell that prick to get me a drink
3. Sucking the goodness
4. Hooootttt
5. GPS Justin
6. Toe suck
7. Bar fight
8. I need about tree-fitey
9. "Weiner" homeless guy
10. Santa
11. Pee spot
12. Papa Hemingway

I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Each one has a story attached. Next time we get together, make sure you ask us for one of them.

Hopefully, we can do this again sometime soon. Doesn't have to be Key West, just somewhere with alcohol would be nice. Thanks to everyone who joined us. And to those of you who couldn't make it, you missed out.

13. Floyd's Knob
14. Dirty Sanchez
15. Secret Porn DVD
16. Drunk Neighbor Guy
17. Climatic Ending
18. Stiff
19. Table of Porn Stars

20. King Kamehmeh (sp?)
21. Stanley
22. Joe
23. Big Mac

24. Asian Invasion
25. Dong Dude
26. Body Painting
27. Itchy Foot
28. Seduce a Gay Guy Eyes
29. Suck Thumb Because I Have No Friends Guy
30. DNA Jacuzzi
31. Spy Shot Busting

32. Fruit Bowl
33. Mooning
34. Action in Tidal's bathroom
35. Mr. Slave
36. Hoisting the sail

37. Susan having a black baby
38. Floppycock
39. Pirate Piss

40. Chili Dog
41. Load of Whites
42. Bar Top Spooge

WOW ! it was an INCREDIBLE time.... Glad WE made the LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG trip !!!! Carol asked if I got enough driving of my car and of course my reply was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way !!!!!!!!!!

I'm not in as BAD a way as some because I didn't get the porn overdose .. but I have one thing to say


also have to add to the list ..

43.) Village Idiot
44.) Silky Milkies <-- not sure if was on previously but good enough to say again!

Jim's Key West Photos

Dave P's Key West Photos

Quarters' and Justin's Key West Photos