On Sunday, 11/09/03, Justin and I met up with Alex at Picnic Island Park on Tampa Bay.  We had to see if he really owns a S2000 or not! ; )  We'll we knew he did, but nobody has ever seen it.  His car has spent more time out out of Tampa than in.  From South Florida to Ohio to have his turbo put on.

Well, we saw it and it looked great!  As a surprise, we even got to take it for a spin.  Man, that car is like a jet, quick and the turbo sounds great.  His single exit exhaust sounds awesome, and is even louder than my Invidia!

What a fun car!  Glad you got it back Alex, can't wait to have you along on some drives.

Sorry, the photos aren't that great. It darkened up on us and even looked like rain was on the way. Still, not a bad November day, tops down and mid 70's.