11/15/03 Jim and Susan had their house warming party! They had friends from their work show up, as well as some of the TBAS2K group. Scott, Tina, Justin, Jessie, Dave, Carol, Dave, Michelle, Charlie, Tara, Lisa, and I all represented the S2K crowd. Andy and Jeff also made a short appearance, representing the Porsche and the “I’m not sure what my next car will be, maybe a S2000 or maybe an Elise” group. 

Besides people, dogs were allowed to partake in the festivities. Casey, Zoe, Ollie, Bass, Guinness, and Lance represented the canines.  For the most part, all dogs were well behaved, except for Bass, who decided to break in Jim’s Man Room by running in the room all excited and losing his load all over the place. There were many dog nuggets to be picked off the carpet, as well as air fresher to be sprayed in the room to get rid of the smell. 

Speaking of the Man’s Room, which is where most of us spent our time. There was a nice Playboy pinball machine, a broken Ms. Pacman, lava lamps, car pictures, a computer with constant porn, and NO WOMEN!  Whoo-hoo, we had a place where the women know they weren’t welcome.  All houses should have Man Rooms.  I need to work on one in my house! 

Jim and Susan hook us up with some nice grub and a keg of Michelob Lite. We had chicken strips, Cuban sandwiches, meatballs, veggie dip, nachos, and Lisa and I brought cookies and carrot cake for dessert. By the end of the night, we had polished off most of the food. 

Other highlights of the night include everyone playing with the rubber wiener, porn on the main TV, Jimmy doing carrot cake shots, as well as shots of all the food, and Justin all over Jimmy’s sexy butt!  

The best part to me though came early in the evening. All of us TBA guys were in the Man’s Room playing pinball and hanging out. Then some little 8-10 year old boy comes running in all excited seeing the pinball machine and ready to play.  He’s on his way to the machine when he passes by the computer. He sees the porn on the monitor and just stops in his tracks. His head turned and about unscrewed off his neck! His eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped. He was watching a guy going at it with a chick on the porn DVD. He just stood there in shock with a big smile on his face. Of course, all of us “grown-ups” just stood there and laughed. You can tell none of us have kids or we would have turned off the computer or dragged him away from it, but no, we watched and thought it was funny.  Which it was.  I think we lack some parenting skills. I’m not sure who actually turned off the computer, maybe the kid’s dad ended up coming in and saw what was going on. I don’t remember, I was too caught up in the moment. Yes, we corrupted another child, showed him his first porn movie. Ah, the good times we have. 

As the night progressed, the TBAS2K group scared off all off Jim and Susan’s “regular” friends. So, we had the house to ourselves. You know what that means!  Porn on the main TV and playing with the wiener! Nothing but nonstop debauchery. We need to start the wife swapping back up!  That’s all that was missing. By this time everything was getting out of hand and there was no control.  Pants were coming down, body parts were being passed around, conch shells were being blown, the dogs were running for cover….. 

Sadly, the night ended on a sad note…the keg had run dry.  With that, the night came to an end and everyone went home.  Luckily most people live in that neighborhood and didn’t have to really drive to get home, or they had a significant other who was the designated driver. 

I hope I hit all the highlights. If I forgot anything, let me know! 

Needless to say, Jimmy and Susan have a nice house and throw a great party.  When are we going to do that again!??  Thanks guys!