On Friday, May 25, I woke up bright and early to meet Jeff and Brent at Z-Doc's here in Tampa. I got my Invidia exhaust from UPS earlier in the week and just couldn't wait to get this exhaust put on. The week before, Jeff and Brent had put this same system on John's car. So, Jeff and Brent were already pros at putting this system on. They even cut their previous time in half and had mine on in about a half hour!  As usual, a great job was done and I'm a very happy camper!

Later that night we met up in Ybor, the story that follows was written up by Jim (thanks Jim)....


Ybor? What's not to like about Ybor: food, music, beer, drunk sluts. That's exactly what we were thinking when we heard our new friend and fellow board member Chiung was in town. He was in from Daytona Beach visiting relatives and wanted to hook up with the TBA group. What? A party? Did someone say party? That's what TBAS2K lives for!!!

So we all met at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company in Ybor. A great little place with crappy homemade brew. Some like it though. I was drinking another local favorite, Ybor Gold. Nice!

Njtripface (John), JustBlaze (Steve), his wife Holly, hygiene boy (Troy), Susan and I (jvrabel) met up on the other side of the pond for the drive over. Steve in the wife's RSX, Susan and I in the trusty CRV and John (the only one brave enough) driving his sweet S2K with his new exhaust purring. Even though Troy told us later that John drive like a grandma, we all know the S2K was no match for the powerful CRV on the interstate! He just couldn't keep up!

We were greeted at TBBC by Chiung, Tidal, Quarters, Andy, his bro Jeff, Jcarlton, Lisa and her sister (Christa), FLS2K (Dave) and his wife Michelle, and Hobbyholic (Alex). Just after arrival, we were treated to one of the best Florida downpours in over a year. It was so bad, the roof started to leak right around a light in the ceiling. Is Great White playing tonight? Note to self: check for nearest exit!

A great time was had by all. Chiung seemed a little overwhelmed by the freaks that surrounded him! From midget porn to Tidal's nipple ring, I think we scared him off. It's all good though. Dinner was great and everyone had ample amounts of booze in them before the night was over. Tmorrow (Todd) attempted to make contact but couldn't find us (or was scared of the freak show he saw before him!)

I adjourned early with the party moving to the cigar bar. On the way home, I saw many accidents and my street was move of a river than a street. I'm SO glad I didn't take the S. Enjoy the drunken photos!


Thanks again Jim for the write up!  Just to let you guys know, we went to King Corona to smoke some cigars outside under an overhang and have a few more brews.  Man, that lightning was intense!  The rain was nonstop.  Mix rain and drunk people and we had quite a good time watching everyone go by our table outside.  There is nothing like looking at drunk wet chicks!  We even had one stop and dance for us in the rain, just in front of our table.  It was SWEEEET!  Some of you people leave too early all the time and miss the best stuff! : )